In our ancient scriptures, it is religiously mentioned that a Shivlingam made of Parad (solidified Mercury) have extraordinary powers which can bring longevity and happiness to the worshipper, stability in the mind and actions and can even remove all his sins and miseries. Mercury is a very pure metal and per the Purana’s and ancient metallurgy it is the seed of Lord Shiva. When kept in the Sun this Shivlingam radiates rainbow colours. Hence Shivling made of Mercury is million times more effective, divine, powerful and auspicious than any other Shivlingam made of stones, gems, gold or other metal.



The positive effects of Parad (Mercury) Shivlingam are mentioned in various Purana’s:

  • Yoga Shikoupanishad Granth says that Parad shivling/ Shivlingam is referred as Super lingam as it is a place (Shivalaya) where Lord Shiva powers reside. So, anyone who worships it (Male or Female) or where it resides tend to lead a successful and wealthy life.
  • Brahma Vaivarta Purana a Maha-Purana of Hinduism states that till the time the moon and sun exist in this galaxy or universe, till that time the worshipper of the Parad Shivlingam will attain all worldly pleasures such as wealth, health, respect, success, longevity and attainment of moksha at the end of the life span.
  • Per the Shiva Purana, Parad Shivling is so powerful that it can remove the sins of all the bad deeds whether it is cow slaughter, human slaughter, abortion and even bad behaviour with parent with its mere sight and worship.
  • Parad Shivling holds importance in Ayurveda also as Mercury helps in regulating and controlling various diseases such as heart problems, blood pressure, tension, asthma and increases concentration.
  • Vayuviya Purana, also describes Parad Shivlingam to bless the worshipper with healthy and prosperous life. It even increases the longevity of life.
  • It removes the bad effects of Vaastu Dosha from the house or office.
  • It brings harmony and peace among the couples.

A person who worships and adores this magical and powerful Parad/Mercury Shivlingam with proper belief in God and procedure leads a fruitful life and becomes physically, mentally and socially sound. So, one should bring Parad Shivling to his/her home or office to remove all the miseries from his life.



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