My visit to the holy Temple

I recently visited the city of lakes Udaipur, Rajasthan. It is a beautiful place with many lakes (Pichola lake, Fatehsagar), palaces and monuments, great culture and food, and amazing history of its brave heroes especially of the king Maharana Pratap Singh. While I was on its visit, I happen to see a small place called Nathdwara, which was around 50 kilometres’ northeast of Udaipur. The importance and holiness of this place is known throughout India.

Nathdwara houses the idol of Shreenath Ji (the child form of lord Krishna) holding a mountain (Govardhan hill situated near Agra) and hence the temple is called Shreenath Ji temple or Shreenath Ji Haveli. We were scared by the driver that it will be better to go along with a priest for better Darshan (viewing of the temple). After negotiating with a young priest, we started our holy walk to the temple of lord Shreenath ji situated in the narrow lane. There were many shops and hawkers selling idols, Tulsi mala (Rosary) and other souvenirs of Lord Krishna like his vastra (clothes) etc. The young priest told us about the history of the temple that the main idol of Shreenath ji was brought to Mewar, Rajasthan through Agra and Gwalior, during the rule of Aurangzeb, to safeguard the deity from destruction. The chariot carrying the idol of Shreenath Ji got stuck in mud near Sihad village of Mewar while traveling, and so the idol was established in a temple with the consent of then king, Rana of Mewar. Per the legends, the temple was built in the 17th century at the spot chosen by Shreenath ji himself.

We were even told about different timings of the temple opening starting from 5.30 A.M.- 6.10 A.M.(Mangla), 7.15 A.M.- 7.45 A.M.(Shringaar), 9.15 A.M.- 9.30 A.M.(Gwal), 11.15 A.M.- 12.10 P.M.(Rajbhog), 3.45 P.M.-4.00 P.M.(Uthapan), 4.40 P.M.-5 P.M.(Bhog), 5.10P.M.-6.00P.M.(Aarti). We reached there at 11.30 A.M. during Rajbhog timings when Lord Shreenath Ji is decorated with beautiful flowers, offered lunch and preparations are made for his afternoon sleep. As soon as we entered the temple, the atmosphere inside was so electric as people were regularly chanting the names of lord Krishna. After removing the slippers, me and my husband were separated in two different lanes (one for females and other for males). There were security personnel to manage the crowds but still there were a lot many people to offer prayers and seek blessings of God. I too enter the main compound amidst crowd and as soon as I laid my eyes on the deity I felt relaxed and sensed the presence of the supreme. I offered my prayers to Shreenath ji. After the darshan (Sighting) of the main deity we were shown various room like a drawing room, rooms storing betel leaves, sweets, milk and flowers, kitchen and even treasury. We also purchase a kilogram of sweets (Prasadam). With this, our journey to this holy abode came to end. We paid money to the young priest and finally bow our heads towards the temple. I wish that Lord Shreenath ji call me again.


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