Feng Shui is a Chinese art of placing certain objects in such a manner which positively transforms the environment of the surroundings by flow of positive energies. The place turns lucky where these positive energies flow. FengShui offers many objects that help in removing the bad flow of the negative energies and the three-legged frog is one among it. In Chinese tradition and culture, frog is considered as a symbol of wealth and prosperity and is referred as Money Frog or Money Toad. In Chinese, it is called Jin Chan (Golden Toad) or Chan Chu. Per the Chinese legend, the Money Frog was the wife of one of the Eight immortals. She was punished for stealing the peach from the Heaven and was turned into a frog. As she was too greedy and craved for more money, keeping this Money Frog (Three-Legged) will bring fortunes along with it.

The frog is usually seen with red eyes and flaring nostrils. It carries a coin in its mouth and usually sits upon a pile of Chinese gold coins. The coin in the mouth symbolizes a sign to attract wealth and the string of coins around its feet offers protection from disaster and bad luck. Sometimes coins come separately with the frog and is to be placed in the mouth by the buyer for better luck.

Fengshui Frog

Money Frog


Certain things must be kept in mind while placing the frog in the home or office.

  • Firstly, put the Frog to life by tying a red ribbon to it. Without tying the ribbon to the frog, the frog is deemed lifeless, it will have no positive effect and will not shower and retain wealth in its surroundings. So, activation of the frog is a must.
  • The direction in which the frog is kept has the utmost importance. The frog should always be kept in direction facing inside the house or in the north direction. This way the frog will safeguard your existing wealth and will increase your fortunes. It will good luck to the surrounding people.
  • The best place to keep the Money Frog is near the main entrance (door) of the house or work place and it can also be kept near the lockers or cash registers. It should not be kept on the ground, rather keep it on low shelves or tables.
  • Places like bedrooms, kitchen, washrooms and dining areas should be avoided for keeping the Frog.
  • For better results, more than one frog should be kept in the house.
  • A broken Frog should not be kept. It should be replaced immediately.

    So go ahead and get the money frog for your home and Puja ghar.